Our approach as artists is influenced by the ‘School of Västerbotten’, our home region in northern Sweden with deep forests, dark winter nights and slow, brutal fairy tales. We are heirs to a tradition of storytellers describing the bitterest depths and the highest-flying beauty of the human heart. The major reason why this film feels so important to us is the fact that the toxic material which Boliden sent to Arica could just as well had been stored safely, back home in Sweden. We are proud that our film has now led to legal action. Whether the court case finds in the victim’s favour or not, the very fact that is was sent to Arica, and all the consequences that followed shows the stark and cruel evidence of how easily we - whether as Swedes, Europeans, or Westerners - have gotten away with these things for so long. And still do. And it’s easy to shrug one’s shoulder, especially since this took place so long ago. So we want to inspire others to take action as well, especially lawyers, local politicians who can lobby national governments and NGOs and advocacy networks already working within the field. We hope that our film can not only bring more cases like this to light, but also connect communities around the world and enable them to learn from the Arica case. Thanks for reading Lars & William