Toxic Playground

In 2006, two young Swedish students met at film school in Chile.
One was Lars Edman, born in Chile and adopted by a Swedish family
when he was just 6 weeks old. The other was William Johansson,
born in Västerbotten and proud owner of a Spanish degree and a
super 8 camera.

William and Lars heard of an environmental scandal linked to the town
of Skellefteå where they had both spent their childhoods, although they’d
never met. After filming in Chile they returned to Sweden eager to share
the news, only to be told that this was an old story - there was nothing more
to be said. Their persistence to know more led them to Andreas Rocksén
of Laika Film who encouraged them to dig further.

As Lars and William peeled back the layers of the scandal, they found
Rolf Svedberg, a retired employee from giant mining company Boliden.
Rolf had signed the papers allowing toxic waste to leave Sweden, and
William and Lars persuaded him to travel back with them to Arica to meet
the people affected by his decision.

The film, which began as a graduation project, has now led to the largest
transnational corporate accountability case ever to be held in Scandinavia.
The trial of Arica Victims KB vs Boliden mining began on October 17th
with a screening of Toxic Playground.

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